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Dr. Philipp Marquetand, University of Vienna, Institute of Theoretical ...scg.ch › component › eventbooking › lectures › dr-...

Dr. Philipp Marquetand, University of Vienna, Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, Vienna, Austria. Excited-state Dynamics Simulations with Machine Learning.

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Clemens Rauer, Juan J. Nogueira, Philipp Marquetand, Leticia González. In: Journal of the American Chemical Society, DOI: jacs.6b

Bildungsprozess von DNA-Schäden nachvollzogen

Clemens Rauer, Juan J. Nogueira, Philipp Marquetand und Leticia Gonzalez: Cyclobutane Thymine Photodimerization Mechanism Revealed by Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics. In: Journal of the American Chemical Society; online erschienen am 28.September 2016, DOI jacs.6b Quelle: Universität Wien, Österreich

Künstliche Intelligenz bringt Licht ins Dunkel - Innovations Report

Das von uns präsentierte Vorgehen kann man im Prinzip auf verschiedenste kleinere Moleküle – darunter DNA-Bausteine und Aminosäuren – anwenden“, sagt Studienautor Philipp Marquetand. In einem nächsten Schritt wollen die ForscherInnen ihr Verfahren nutzen, um die Aminosäure Tyrosin zu beschreiben.

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Twitter Profil: Philipp Marquetand (marquetand)

sharc/AUTHORS at master - GitHubgithub.com › sharc-md › sharc › blob › AUTHORS

Philipp Marquetand. Davide Avagliano. Markus Oppel. Leticia Gonzalez. Contact: AG Gonzalez. Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna.

Philipp Marquetand publications and citations analysis - exalyexaly.com › author › philipp-marquetand

Scholarly profile of Philipp Marquetand outlining their publications, citations, and co-authors as well as authors and journals who cited their works.

Philipp Marquetand | Papers With Codepaperswithcode.com › author › philipp-marquetand

Papers by Philipp Marquetand with links to code and results.

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Dr. Philipp Marquetand. Institut für Theoretische Chemie Universität Wien Wien. Austria. Tel.: + Fax: +

Philipp Marquetand - LISAvienna

Home; Philipp Marquetand. Back to overview. ARGE LISAvienna Vienna T + · · Contact · Imprint ...

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XLIC Scientific Missions | XLic

Philipp Marquetand, University of Vienna (Austria) Download full scientific report: download-stsm-report · Probing the protein electronic structure by soft X-ray ...

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Machine Learning Meets Quantum Physicsbooks.google.com › books

12 Molecular Dynamics with Neural Network Potentials Michael Gastegger and Philipp Marquetand Abstract Molecular dynamics simulations are an important tool ...

Book on Machine Learning for Quantum Simulations of Molecules and...

Michael Gastegger, Philipp Marquetand: Molecular dynamics with neural-network potentials Molecular dynamics simulations are an important tool for describing the evolution of a chemical system with time.

Search for All Records | OSTI.GOV

The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Quantum Chemistry and Dynamics of Excited States: Methods and...

An introduction to the rapidly evolving methodology of electronic excited states For academic researchers, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students,...

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[ ] Additive polarizabilities in ionic liquids - arXivarxiv.org › physics

· Authors:Carlos ES Bernardes, Karina Shimizu, José Nuno Canongia Lopes, Philipp Marquetand, Esther Heid, Othmar Steinhauser, ...

[ ] The DNA Nucleobase Thymine in Motion - Intersystem...

From: Philipp Marquetand [view email] [v1] Fri, 14 Oct :49:35 GMT (2298kb). Which authors of this paper are endorsers? | Disable ...

Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, (2020) - Coherent Control of Internal...

Brian Kaufman, Tamás Rozgonyi, Philipp Marquetand, and Thomas Weinacht. Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, – Published 29 July More. ×.

Direct Observation of Laser-Induced O2+ Production OSA

Seyedreza Larimian, Sonia Erattupuzha, Sebastian Mai, Philipp Marquetand, Sarayoo Kangaparambil, Leticia González, Andrius Baltuška, Markus Kitzler, and ...

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Artificial Intelligence speeds up photodynamics simulationswww.sciencedaily.com › releases ›

· A team led by Philipp Marquetand from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna has now presented a method using artificial ...

Gruppe - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Webseiten der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Group - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Michael Gastegger (group of Prof. Leticia Gonzalez/Dr. Philipp Marquetand) Universität Wien, Austria ( ) Dr. Khosrow Shakouri (group of Prof. Geert-Jan Kroes) University of Leiden, Netherlands ( ) Javier Fernandez Troncoso (group of Prof. Jorge Kohanoff) Queen's University Belfasts, UK ( )

Sprecher:innenteam - JungChemikerForum

Philipp Marquetand: Sebastian Riedel: Daniel Buchold: Patrick Musch: Quick Links. Kontaktiere uns! Jungchemikerforum (JCF) AG Junge Lebensmittelchemiker (AG JLC)

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Prof. Philipp Marquetand - SPIEspie.org › profile › Philipp.Marquetand

SPIE Profile of Philipp Marquetand, Univ Wien. SPIE Profiles is a networking platform for optics and photonics professionals.

Stepwise photosensitized thymine dimerization mediated by ...link.springer.com › article

Philipp Marquetand &; Leticia González; -Show fewer authors. Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly volume 149, pages1–9(2018)Cite ...

Vectorial properties and laser control of molecular dynamics...

Vectorial properties and laser control of molecular dynamics [Elektronische Ressource] / vorgelegt von Philipp Marquetand :...

Philipp Marquetand - Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

Philipp Marquetand. Link auf diese Seite. Hinweis zum Datenschutz Mit Klick auf "Einverstanden" können Sie diese Seite in sozialen Netzwerken weiterempfehlen. Dabei besteht die Möglichkeit, dass Daten von Ihrem Computer zum jeweiligen Anbieter sowie Daten des Anbieters auf Ihren Computer übertragen werden.

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Insider Q&A: Photochemistry (Philipp Marquetand) - YouTubewww.youtube.com › watch

· This Insider Q&A interview of Photochemistry features Philipp Marquetand (Senior Scientist ...Dauer: 2:58Gepostet:

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Three things you can do to hone your intuition - Chris Clearfieldwww.chrisclearfield.com › blog › three-things-you-...

· Credit: Philipp Marquetand. Note: Based on feedback from readers, this is part two of a mini-series on intuition.

CCL: STC2014: 50th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistryccl.net › resources › messages › › dir

· From: "Philipp Marquetand" · Subject: CCL: STC2014: 50th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry - Registration ...

Wikipedia: Leticia González - Wikipedia

Leticia González Herrero (born in Madrid) is a theoretical chemist, known for her work on ... Martin Richter, Philipp Marquetand, Jesús González-Vázquez, Ignacio Sola, Leticia González; Marquetand; GonzáLez-Vázquez; Sola; GonzáLez ...


Reply-To: Philipp Marquetand <[log in to unmask]>. Date: Mon, 14 Oct :28:36 + Content-Type: multipart/alternative. Parts/Attachments: ...

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‪Philipp Marquetand‬ - ‪Google 学术搜索‬scholar.google.bg › citations

Philipp Marquetand. University of Vienna, Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, Vienna, Austria. 在 univie.ac.at 的电子邮件经过验证 - 首页.

Philipp Marquetand | Publonspublons.com › researcher › philipp-marquetand

View Philipp Marquetand's profile on Publons with 95 publications.

Wie man ausspricht Philipp Marquetand | HowToPronounce.comde.howtopronounce.com › philipp-marquetand

Bewertung 5, · Rezension von Deron RutherfordWie sagt man Philipp Marquetand auf Englisch? Aussprache von Philipp Marquetand 1 audio-Aussprache, und mehr für Philipp Marquetand. Bewertung 5, · Rezension von Deron Rutherford Wie sagt man Philipp Marquetand auf Englisch? Aussprache von Philipp Marquetand 1 audio-Aussprache, und mehr für Philipp Marquetand.

Julia Westermayr, Philipp Marquetand (IMAGE) - EurekAlert!www.eurekalert.org › multimedia

The authors of the study, Julia Westermayr and Philipp Marquetand. Credit. © University of Vienna. Usage Restrictions. The image may only be used with ...

Philipp Marquetand (@marquetand) | nitternitter.net › marquetand

Philipp Marquetand retweeted. The González Group @theo_chem · Oct 19. Ready for Halloween ? Then follow spectral fingerprints left by our favorite ...

Philipp Marquetand | University of Viennaunivie.academia.edu › PhilippMarquetand

Philipp Marquetand, University of Vienna, Theoretical Chemistry Institute, Faculty Member. Studies Physics, Chemistry, and Quantum Chemistry.

Philipp Marquetand - EasyChaireasychair.org › SIAM-MS21 › person582


A Static Picture of the Relaxation and Intersystem Crossing ...cyberleninka.org › article

Sebastian Mai, Philipp Marquetand, and Leticia González J. Phys. Chem. A, Just Accepted Manuscript • Publication Date (Web): 18 Aug Downloaded from ...

49th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and ...meetings.aps.org › Meeting › DAMOP18 › Session

Philipp Marquetand (University of Vienna, Austria). Tamas Rozgonyi (Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Sciences ...

Challenges in Simulating Light-Induced Processes in DNA - MDPIwww.mdpi.com › ...

Challenges in Simulating Light-Induced Processes in DNA. by. Philipp Marquetand. ,. Juan J. Nogueira. ,. Sebastian Mai. ,. Felix Plasser. and.

Group Publications - Thomas Weinachtultrafast.physics.sunysb.edu › publications

... in Strong Field Molecular Ionization with Chirped Ultrafast Laser Pulses" Brian Kaufman, Tamás Rozgonyi, Philipp Marquetand, and Thomas Weinacht.

Nonadiabatic ab initio molecular dynamics including spin-orbit ...pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › ...

Authors. Philipp Marquetand , Martin Richter, Jesús González-Vázquez, Ignacio Sola, Leticia González. Affiliation. 1 Institut für Physikalische Chemie, ...

Ultrafast Photochemistry of a Molybdenum Carbonyl-Nitrosyl ...chemrxiv.org › engage › chemrxiv › article-details

Niklas Gessner, Anna K. Bäck, Johannes Knorr, Christoph Nagel, Philipp Marquetand, Ulrich Schatzschneider, Leticia González, Patrick Nuernberger.

Quantum control fields from instantaneous dynamics - INFONAwww.infona.pl › resource

Stefanie Gräfe, Philipp Marquetand, Volker Engel, Niels E. Henriksen, Klaus B. Møller · Details · Contributors · Fields of science · Bibliography ...

"Spectroscopic and Structural Probing of Excited-State Molecular ...digitalcommons.unl.edu › physicscenturion

· Paul Hockett https://orcid.org Philipp Marquetand https://orcid.org

Artificial Intelligence for Obtaining Chemical Fingerprints - R&D Worldwww.rdworldonline.com › RD World Posts

· Credit: Philipp Marquetand. Drastic advances in research of artificial intelligence have led to a wide range of fascinating developments in ...

Different Routes to Quantum Molecular Dynamics - CECAMwww.cecam.org › workshop-details

· ... Michele Ceotto (Università degli Studi di Milano); Basile Curchod (Durham University); Philipp Marquetand (University of Vienna).

Re: [AMBER] Various Errors in Tests from case on archive.ambermd.org › ...

· From : case Date : Tue, 9 Mar :42: On Tue, Mar 09, 2010, Philipp Marquetand wrote:

Jesús González-Vázquez - Google Scholar Citations

Leticia Gonzalez,; Ignacio R. Sola,; Philipp Marquetand,; thomas weinacht,; Vladimir Malinovsky,; Fernando Martin Garcia,; Emilio Martinez-Nunez,; Ines Corral ...

Philipp Marquetand

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Männlicher Vorname (Deutsch): Philipp; der Pferdefreund; Altgriechisch (Neues Testament); philos = der Freund, der Liebende; hippos = das Pferd; ekwo = das Pferd (Indoeuropäisch); bekannt als Name des Apostels Philippus; das am Namen beteiligte Wort 'hippos' für 'Pferd' lässt sich bis auf eine sehr alte indoeuropäische Wurzel '*ekwo' zurückverfolgen

Bedeutung zum Nachnamen Marquetand

Alte rätoromanische Familie aus Dovos. Dort schon im 16. Jahrhundert und bis heute ansässig.Der Name kommt von Margadant und dies wiederum vom rätoromanischen Marschant (der Händler)

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