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-list] [leafnode-list] fetchnews fails to download bodies, Juergen Salk.

Re: [leafnode-list] Something's wrong with getaline?

On Sun, Jan 14, at 01:08:34PM +0100, Juergen Salk wrote: > Jan :57: 11 anna fetchnews[1387]: <200 news.extension.net NNTPcache server ...

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DCMTK/ANNOUNCE.360 at master · InsightSoftwareConsortium/DCMTK ·...

Official DCMTK Github Mirror. Contribute to InsightSoftwareConsortium/DCMTK development by creating an account on GitHub.

Lintian Report for Juergen Salk

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by Juergen Salk &>, listed by source ...

aeskulap/ANNOUNCE.354 at master · pipelka/aeskulap · GitHub

Aeskulap is a medical image viewer and DICOM network client - aeskulap/ANNOUNCE.354 at master · pipelka/aeskulap

dcmtk/CHANGES.360 at master · medInria/dcmtk · GitHub

medInria's fork of DCMTK. Contribute to medInria/dcmtk development by creating an account on GitHub.

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vi - What is your most productive shortcut with Vim? - Stack Overflow

?" - Juergen Salk, " – Steve K Apr 3 '10 at 23:

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ul-jsalk / Profile

Modified a comment on discussion Technical on Matrix Product State (MPS) Simulations. Dear Daniel, by looking into the code of Orthogonalize_MPS_TYPE () it ...

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Proton and Charged Particle Radiotherapy - Google Books

This volume is the first comprehensive and practical clinical reference on proton and charged particle radiotherapy. The first half of the book explains the...

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Claude Amsler AMSLER@CERNVM CERN Zuerich

Juergen Salk juergen%tau.ep1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de@dearn

*vimtips.txt* This file comes from the Vim Online tip database ...

VimTip 1: the super star http://vim.sf.net/tip_view.php?tip_id=1 When a discussion started about learning vim on the vim list Juergen Salk mentioned the "*" key ...

Bücherliste - strg-alt-entf.org

Juergen Salk <juergen SAMBA Autor : Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown, Peter Kelly Verlag : O'Reilly Associates ISBN :

Vim Tips

VimTip 1: the super star http://vim.sourceforge.net/tip_view.php?tip_id= When a discussion started about learning vim on the vim list Juergen Salk mentioned the  ...

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DebianMed/Developers - Debian Wiki

Juergen Salk : jsa : yes : yes : Laszlo Kajan : lkajan : yes : no : yes : Kevin M. Rosenberg : kmr : Manuel Prinz

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DICOM viewer for Linux

... Juergen Salk Re: DICOM viewer for Linux. From: Kevin Rosenberg Prev by Date: Unsuscribe; Next by Date: Re: DICOM

Re: OpenOffice und fontconfig (solved)

To: .org; Subject: Re: OpenOffice und fontconfig (solved); From: Juergen Salk &>; Date: ...

Re: mpeg_encoder

From: Juergen Salk &> Subject: Re: mpeg_encoder To: .org References: ...

Gutes Linux-buch - wer-weiss-was.de

... Juergen Salk Dieses Buch ist mittlerweile auch als Studentenversion im Softcover für DM 69,90 erhältlich. Die ISBN dieser

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'Juergen Salk ' posts - MARC

Viewing messages posted by 'Juergen Salk <juergen.salk () gmx ! de>' (74 msg) Next · Last [1] Powerfulness (was: tioga : a powerful plotting ...

[LinuXia/Debian] Suchergebnisse für Juergen Salk

Paket, Quelle, Archiv, Kurzbeschreibung, Version. dcmtk, Debian, stable, The OFFIS DICOM toolkit command line utilities, dcmtk-doc, Debian, stable ...

LKML: Juergen Salk: Strip whitespace from EXTRAVERSION?

Hi, I am wondering if it makes sense to strip whitespace characters from $( EXTRAVERSION) if they exist. Especially trailing whitespace can easily be introduced

# ngrep: duplicated -F option section in manpage - Debian Bug...

X-Loop: .org Subject: Bug# : ngrep: duplicated -F option section in manpage Reply-To: Juergen Salk &>, ...

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(X)MedCon | Main / Old

an open source medical image conversion toolkit

'mutt-users' list - MARC

[1] Cyclic browsing mutt-user Juergen Salk [5] Different From: headers with folders and send-hooks mutt-user Zak Johnson 15.

Change log : dcmtk package : Ubuntu

dcmtk ( ) unstable; urgency=medium * d/control: Remove Juergen Salk from uploaders, Closes: # * d/p/08: set CANONICAL_HOST_TYPE from ...

TIN: doc/CREDITS | Fossies

Clifton Royston, Rado S., Juergen Salk, Aleksey Salow, 57 Rich ...

[slurm-users] ConstrainRAMSpace=yes and page cache?

at lists.schedmd.com> On Behalf Of Juergen Salk Sent:

bug-sh-utils (thread)

Re: sh-util-2.0 seq Bug, Juergen Salk,

Network Protocols • View topic • dcmtk storescu problem

Re: dcmtk storescu problem. Post by Juergen Salk » Tue, 06 Apr :53:57 GMT. Thanks Marco. It seems there's nothing more to add.

tips : vim online

only had known the "*" command in time?" - Juergen Salk,

Re: gnome-terminal not launching the URL handler upon URL click...

From: "Yong S. Yi" <ysyi async org>; To: juergen salk gmx de; Cc: gnome-list gnome org; Subject: Re: gnome-terminal not launching the URL ...

Re: sh-util-2.0 seq Bug

Juergen Salk <address@hidden> [ :15]: > The seq output may vary with different systems or compilers > and does not always print all ...

TIN: doc/CREDITS vs changes | Fossies Diffs

Source code changes report for the member file doc/CREDITS of the TIN software package between the versions and

Re: Dateien eines Verzeichnisses durchsuchen....

Am Sonntag, 12. Oktober :25 schrieb Juergen Salk: > Jan Trippler <[ EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > >> Im Verzeichnis ...

dcmtk_3.6.1~ dsc - of /eolengeoleng.ac-dijon.fr/ubuntu d/.../dcmtk_3.6.1~ dsc

... Maintainer: Debian Med Packaging Team <debian-med-packaging@lists. alioth.debian.org> Uploaders: Juergen Salk &>, ...

gnome-list November Archive by Thread

Re: Gnome DVI viewer?, tim; Re: Gnome DVI viewer?, Ole Laursen; Re: Gnome DVI viewer?, Tomas Ogren; Re: Gnome DVI viewer?, Juergen Salk. Re: Gnome ...

rpmseek.com - The search engine for Linux rpm and Debian packages -...

The search engine for Linux rpm and Debian packages

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