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1. at.usenet-Treffen - FAQ

1. at.usenet-Treffen - FAQ

Alan Cox: Linux ac20 - Linux.com

ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/alan Intermediate diffs are available from http://www.bzimage.org.

Einladung - skater homepage [E]

... Michlmayr Gerald Pfeifer Christian Mock Herbert Rosmanith Bernd Wender Albert Koellner Alexander Zangerl Andreas Kreuzinger Clemens ...

Linux ac19 - Linux.com

Alan's given us a long list of fixes for this release.

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LinkedIn: Herbert Rosmanith | LinkedIn

Herbert Rosmaniths berufliches Profil anzeigen LinkedIn ist das weltweit größte berufliche Netzwerk, das Fach- und Führungskräften wie Herbert Rosmanith ...

winex_lgpl/AUTHORS.Wine at master · NVIDIA/winex_lgpl · GitHub

Open Source licensed components of Cider/WineX, and associated build tools and support libraries - winex_lgpl/AUTHORS.Wine at master · NVIDIA/winex_lgpl

Herbert-Rosmanith's profile - Grokbase

Groups · Users · Badges · Herbert-Rosmanith · Posts feed for Herbert-Rosmanith. name, Herbert-Rosmanith. seen, Jun 7, since, Jun 3, posts, 1

winex_lgpl/authors.h at master · NVIDIA/winex_lgpl · GitHub

Open Source licensed components of Cider/WineX, and associated build tools and support libraries - NVIDIA/winex_lgpl

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images: file(1) magic for image formats (see also "iff") # # originally ...

... normal resolution (204x98 DPI) >29 byte 1 \b, fine resolution (204x196 DPI) # From: Herbert Rosmanith &.uni.linz.at> 0 string Sfff structured ...

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herp / Profile

Send Message · Herbert Rosmanith. User Activity. No activity to display. Personal Data. Username: herp; Joined: :10:


Niall Date: Mon, 29 Jun :20:59 +0200 From: Herbert Rosmanith Subject: qpush: qpopper exploit source dear listmembers, this ...

Re: [patch] keepalive=>1 | perl-ldap

Herbert Rosmanith <herp@...> wrote: > > > hello everyone, > > I've been developing an application which uses Net::LDAP. In my testing > environment, ...

lcd4linux / List lcd4linux-users Archives

From: Michael Reinelt <reinelt@eu...> :39:43. Hi there, Herbert Rosmanith wrote: >>I've downloadet your programm and buyed the display (4 X 20) and installed >>the software on my system... >>but it won't run!!! >>i've checked the pinning and the cable, but I found nothing!! >>with nice wishes ...

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AUTHORS - Manpage Seite Suse Linux 9.0

... Hoenicke Henning Hoffmann Jens Hoffmann Erik Hofman John K. Hohm Kevin Holbrook Nick Holloway Aaron Hope Enrico Horn Casper Hornstrup Olivier Houchard ...


Herbert Rosmanith: [Publications] [Author Rank by year] [Co-authors] [Prefers] [Cites] [Cited by]. Publications of Author. Herbert Rosmanith, Jens Volkert

GitStats - wine

... Hiroshi Inoue, Hilko Bengen, Hervé Poussineau, Hernan Rajchert, Herbert Rosmanith, Henry Kroll III, Henrik Olsen, Heiko Hund, Hartmut Birr, Harry McNally, ...

2nd Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference Proceedings, IBERGRID,...

IBERGRID is the second edition of a series of Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conferences initiated in under the framework of the bilateral agreement for...

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FAQ for isdn4linux: dod: Unwanted dialout on demand

Herbert Rosmanith .uni-linz.ac.at added on 24 Nov 1996: Try to find out which lookup triggers the connection with "isdnctrl verbose 3".

Interactive Grids - The GVid/GVK Approach for Scientific Visualizationwww.cs.vu.nl/das3/symposium07/das3-keynote-dk.pdf

Martin Polak, Thomas Köckerbauer,. Paul Heinzlreiter, Herbert Rosmanith,. Hans-Peter Baumgartner, Peter Praxmarer,. Andreas Wasserbauer, Gerhard Kurka,.

images - NetLabs

... normal resolution (204x98 DPI) >29 byte 1 \b, fine resolution (204x196 DPI) # From: Herbert Rosmanith &.uni.linz.at> 0 string Sfff structured ...

Subject: RE: "Virus Construction HowTos" im uni-linz-Netz gefunden ...virus.enemy.org › feedback › nai

Subject: RE: "Virus Construction HowTos" im uni-linz-Netz gefunden (fwd) From: Herbert Rosmanith &-edu.uni-linz.ac.at> Date: Tue, 19 Mar ...

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FAQ for isdn4linux - Version (translation 3-Oct-97)

Here is a list of mirrors; thanks to Herbert Rosmanith &-edu.uni-linz.ac.at> for compiling it initially. Whoever knows of any mirrors not listed here ...

Search results for "Herbert Rosmanith" – FacetedDBLP

Herbert Rosmanith, Jens Volkert, Ruben Valles, Fermín Serrano, Marcin Plóciennik, Michal Owsiak: Interactive Fusion Simulation and Visualisation on the Grid.

dblp: Distributed and Parallel Systems 2004

Bibliographic content of Distributed and Parallel Systems 2004

sorry : Wörterbuch / Dictionary (BEOLINGUS, TU Chemnitz)

... Herbert Rosmanith &.uni-linz.ac.at - Sorry. I just realized this sentance makes no sense :) -- Ian Main: Three Midwesterners, a Kansan, a ...

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Grid-Enabled Visualization with GVK | SpringerLink

The present status of visualization on the grid is not really satisfying. In contrast to other grid services, such as batch processing, data transfer, and...

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Google Groups: DES Challenge Attack

: Herbert Rosmanith .sig de alt comm isdn4linux Martin Heusel

Google Groups: regierungswechsel im DNS

: Herbert Rosmanith at gesellschaft politik Herbert

Google Groups: Linux 2.0 really _is_ released..

: Herbert Riedel .co.at at fido linux Hi Herbert Rosmanith

Wikipedia: lp0 on fire - Wikipedia

lp0 on fire is an outdated error message generated on some Unix and Unix-like computer ... the first Linux version of this error message, however he as well as Herbert Rosmanith and Alan Cox (all Linux developers) have acknowledged that  ...

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Herbert Rosmanith | LinkedIn

Herbert Rosmaniths berufliches Profil anzeigen LinkedIn ist das weltweit größte professionelle Netzwerk, das Fach- und Führungskräften wie Herbert Rosmanith ...

Paul Heinzlreiter Administration Koordination. - ppt herunterladen

Paul Heinzlreiter Ziele Die Entwicklung, Implementierung und der Einsatz von neuen Grid Services und Werkzeugen zur Unterstützung von interaktiven berechnungs-...

Herbert Rosmanith

Viewing messages posted by 'Herbert Rosmanith <herp () WILDSAU ! IDV-EDU ! UNI-LINZ ! AC ! AT>' (59 msg) Next · Last [1] pcmcia problems ...

Visualization in Grid Environment Dieter Kranzlmüller GUP, Joh....

D. KranzlmüllerOGF RISGE BOF3 Example: Biomed Investigation Remote instrument Grid resources Scientific results

'Herbert Rosmanith ' posts - MARC

Viewing messages posted by 'Herbert Rosmanith <herp () wildsau ! idv ! uni ! linz ! at>' (5 msg) [1] Re: linux->real mode-> boot other OS in protected mod linux-ker [1] (No Subject) linux-ker [2] [patch] keepalive=>1 perl-ldap [1] modperl-2.0 Apache::compat is not ...

Herbert Rosmanith - argument-count in variadic macros?

argument-count in variadic macros? To: gcc at gcc dot gnu dot org; Subject: argument-count in variadic macros? From: Herbert Rosmanith <herp at wildsau dot idv-edu dot uni-linz dot ac dot at>; Date: Wed, 29 Aug :53:27 +0200 (MET DST) ...

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: Re: VIA EPIA EK: strange eth dev numbering

On Aug :42, Herbert Rosmanith wrote: > There never *were* days when eth0 remained eth0 across such changes. but there *were* ...

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: Re: Q on audit, audit-syscall

On Apr 5, 2006, at 09:50:17, Herbert Rosmanith wrote: > >> On Apr 5, 2006, at 08 :06:30, Herbert Rosmanith wrote: > >>> as I said, "ptrace" is ...

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for

lilo · Raul Miller; Herbert Rosmanith. /. From, Herbert Rosmanith <>. Subject, Re: CONFIG_RANDOM option for [OFFTOPIC]. Date, Fri,

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: : rtl8192cu device name, kernel crash

Date, Sun, 5 Jan :13:53 +0100 (CET). From, Herbert Rosmanith <>. Subject, : rtl8192cu device name, kernel crash ...

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: ping is being stupid ?

root@ferkel # ifconfig eth netmask root@ferkel # route add -net netmask root@ferkel # !ping

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: SOCK_PACKET: ETH_P_ALL vs. ETH_P_IP

hi suppose I open a socket with: s=socket(AF_INET, SOCK_PACKET, htons( ETH_P_ALL)); then I'll get all packets sent and received from/to the ...

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: VIA EPIA EK: strange eth dev numbering

hi, I see a strange numbering of ethernet devices with a VIA EPIA EK board. This board has two ethernet connectors, you can see it

LKML: Herbert Rosmanith: Re: Conner 1060S (was "more NCR53c8xx ext2...

>Uhm, this triggers something in my mind: Is ist a Conner CFP 1060S ? > >That drive was delivered with a bug in it's caching algorithm that

OCP2XI Bridge: An OCP to AXI Protocol Bridge | springerprofessional.de

The modern SOC design contains many IP cores with different communication protocols. Improving the bridging and signal translation between these

Infodrom Linux Fortune Cookies

Linux ext2fs has been stable for a long time, now it's time to break it Herbert Rosmanith &.uni-linz.ac.at - Just to remind everyone.

'Re: mutilated IP over nullmodem' - MARC

-Anonymous On Sat, 11 May 1996, Herbert Rosmanith wrote: > > hello, > > on a 38kbit nullmodem line (both systems use a a), i see truncated > IP ...

#!perl # authprof.pl written by Reini Urban,

... "Heidrun Kirchweger", "Michael Resch", "Herbert Rosmanith", "Alexandra Bader" ); foreach $name (@local_authors) { $authors{$name} = 0; } ...

Bugtraq: qpush: qpopper exploit source

From: herp () WILDSAU IDV-EDU UNI-LINZ AC AT (Herbert Rosmanith) Date: Mon, 29 Jun :20:59 +

COMMAND popper SYSTEMS AFFECTED Systems running ...

Herbert Rosmanith posted exploit. Note that, after "qpush" has successfully executed /bin/sh, you will not see any prompt. type "id" to see who you are, like that: $ ...

Bedeutung zum Vornamen Herbert

Männlicher Vorname (Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch): Herbert; Althochdeutsch (Zweigliedriger Name); heri = das Heer, der Krieger; beraht = strahlend, glänzend; alter deutscher zweigliedriger Name; verbreitet durch den Namen des heiligen Heribert, Erzbischof von Köln (10./11. Jh.) Herbert bedeutet " der Göttliche" Herbert bedeutet sowiel wie "Weise" Soll heißen: Im Heer glänzend

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Die Personensuchmaschine Namenfinden.de ist die neue Personensuche für Deutschland, die Profile, Kontaktdaten, Bilder, Dokumente und Webseiten zu Herbert Rosmanith und vielen weiteren Namen aus öffentlich zugänglichen Quellen im Internet anzeigt.